Dog Barking Silencer,Anti Bark Device|Ultrasonic Barking Silencer

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Dog Barking Silencer, Anti Bark Device|Ultrasonic Barking Silencer


“The dog is our friend but sometimes bores us. Unexpected barking often disturbs neighbors. How do we let dogs become gentle?”
-Tiger Cub Bark Control is designed by sound control and fitted on the wall. When the dog barks, the sound arouses an electric circuit. Ultrasonic wave will emit from the product, it discomforts dog but has no harm to the dog. Such ultrasonic wave is heard by a dog but not by people. After several repeated actions, the dog knows the extra sound has been caused by his bark, So establish a conditioned reflex. Afterward, he would not bark without reason. 
-Tiger Cub Bark Control adapt integrated circuit when continuous 3 barks will arouse circuit, but one bark or sudden sounds from the environment could not cause a unit emitting ultrasonic wave. Bark loud level, a different distance away from the unit, the noise of the environment can affect unit working correctly. So it’s not certain that continuous 3 barks can intrigue the unit, but its effect is available.

This device calms down barking in a gentleeasy, and harm-free way. Combine this with positive reinforcement to help train your dog to bark only at times needed! Have guests over without embarrassment, leave the house without bothering your neighbors, or just enjoy a calm night’s sleep.

1.Humanely ultrasonic way to stop barking, safe for dogs and can’t be heard by humans.
2.Smart trigger system for more accurate judgment to help your dog build conditioned reflex more efficiently by effectively repealing the correct experience.
3.Wall mounting design for easy and convenient installation, save your space.
4.Free you from annoying dog barking and create a quiet environment for you.

-Material: Plastic
-Rated Voltage: 100~240V
-Plug type: US Plug/EU Plug/UK Plug(Optional)


Fitting method:
the product is fixed 1 to 2 meters far away from the kennel, keeping from rain and humidity, assuring people can not access easily. Drilling holes on the wall according to wall mounting plate, insert plastic base, and fitting wall mounting plate use screws. A power socket should be fitted. press ball connecting into wall mounting plate then turn on electric power. 
after fitting Tiger Cub turn on the power, electric power indicator blaze in green light. If imitating bark, ultrasonic waves emit indicator blaze in red light for 5 seconds. If the noise is too large for the environment or not use for a long time, please turn off electricity in order to lengthen the product’s life.

Fully Safe

Produces ultrasonic waves that relax your dog without pain or side effects

Easy Training

Train your dogs to stop unwanted barking, fast & free

Smart Trigger

Activates only after 3 barks, not random sounds

Do not install in damp, leaking sunlight and easy to encounter place.
If there is loud and lasted noise around, highly suggest that you had better not use this product, the noise environment will affect this product’s using life.

Package Included:
1* Anti Dog Barking Control
1* Charger Adapter
1* Mounting Accessory Kit


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