Bottle Openers, Jar Opener,Bottle Can and Jar Grip Opener

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This bottle opener is professionally designed to fit any size or size of lid or lid for quick opening. Simply select the appropriate opening size, grip firmly, and twist. The soft rubber gasket creates a firm grip every time. Superior quality, comfortable and labor-saving, easy to store, easy to clean. Even children can easily open cans! it can become a good partner in your life! Great for opening cans of various kitchen cans, beer, soda, etc., sealing of kitchen zipper bags, etc. Whenever you need them. 5-in-1 Bottle Opener: for traditional glass bottles Screw cap opener: for plastic screw cap bottles

Pull hook: used to pull open the iron pieces sealed in various cans





A “can hook” that breaks the vacuum seal of the container so that the lid cannot be twisted.Pop-up tag hook: used to eject tags, such as soda cans 6 in 1 Bottle Opener – Bottle opener: for traditional glass bottles – Pull hook: used to pull open the iron pieces sealed in various cans – Pop-up tag hook: used to eject tags, such as soda cans – A handle that grips the tight lid for easy unscrewing – hidden blade for opening the bag – a clip for opening the security seal The new packaging has been accompanied by product instructions to better help you use the product. Please do not buy fake and inferior products


  • Convenient and practical daily kitchen AIDS open rubber shape and design create the required seal and grip to facilitate the opening of multiple cans and bottles. A comfortable rubber grip can be firmly grasped to prevent slippage. Anything you want can easily be torn, pulled, rotated, and twisted. Is it? This is a simpler and safer way!
  • Protect your hands and open water and soda bottles smoothly. Use the bottle opener function to pop the cap out of the bottle immediately. The nut can be easily unscrewed by simple torsion. Press the food seal and remove the pull ring immediately. Remove all kinds of lids from your favorite foods. The finger can be saved by hooking the sealed canned food and stripping off the metal sheet.
  • The 6-in-1 and 5-in-1 bottle openers are suitable for the elderly, arthritis patients, and weak hands. In addition, the bottle opener is also suitable for people with limited hand power, such as children and long nails.
  • Ergonomic, rubber non-slip grip (no slippage even with wet hands), and dishwasher-safe.



    – Instantly removes food seals and pull tabs

    -Save your fingers and nails

    -Easily twist soda caps and water bottles

    -Specially designed for those with arthritis and low strength

    -Easily slice open food packages with the built-in blade function

    -A unique kitchen essential has a soft grip comfortable coating and made of stainless steel


    The 6-in-1 Multi-Opener features

    1. a pull tab hook — Pull open pull-tabs
    2. a pop tab hook — Pop off bottle caps
    3. a bottle opener — Grip & twist open stubborn jar lids
    4. a handle that grips tight lids for easy twist-off — Twist open plastic bottle
    5.  a hidden blade for opening bags — Slice open bags with the hidden blade
    6. a clamp for opening safety seals (e.g. on a new ketchup bottle) — Tear off safety seals

    The 5-in-1 Multi-Opener features

    1. a bottle opener (for traditional glass bottles) — pop off bottle caps
    2. a screw-top opener (for plastic screw-top bottles) — Twist open plastic bottles
    3. a pull tab hook (for pull tabs, e.g. tin of cat food) — Pull open pull-tabs
    4.  a pop tab hook (for pop tabs, e.g. soda cans) — Pop open pop-tabs
    5. a “jar hook” that breaks the container’s vacuum-seal, making the lid effortless to twist off — Hook jar lids & pop their vacuum seal (then twist the lid off with ease)

    Ergonomic & non slip design

    made of high-quality plastic and silicon – help you to open most of the existing jar or bottle lids, metal and plastic Bottle caps, jars, and more with next to no effort.


    Convenient and Effortless

    Ideal for arthritic hands, seniors, anyone with limited hand strength, anyone with long fingernails, and anyone looking for a better, faster, easier way to open all of the sealed containers in their kitchen.



    1. hidden blade for opening bags,

    2. clamp for opening safety seals

    3. pull tab hook

    4. pop off bottle caps

    5. handle that grips tight lids for easy twist-off.

    6. bottle opener.



    1. bottle opener

    2. screw-top opener

    3. pull tab hook

    4. pop off bottle caps

    5. jar hook that breaks the container’s vacuum-seal


    Easy to carry







    Product Specifications:
    Material: PP + TPR + 2CR12 alloy stainless steel
    Size: 14.4 x 6.5 x 2.4cm / 5.67 x 2.6 x 0.94in
    Weight: 109g / 0.24 lbs





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